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"Number you’re looking for is One, mayor."

" I never made a conscious decision to have the club become one thing or another. It just happened before my eyes. Each savage event was a catalyst for the next. And by the time the violence reached epic proportion, I couldn’t see it. Blood was every color. ” John Teller.


"I really don’t give a shit. I make this for the people who watch the show. I care about my work.” Hunnam on Emmys.


Hunnam: I like to ride a little fast sometimes, ya know?

Leno: Do you get stopped? Is that a problem?

Hunnam: Occasionally, occasionally. And I always feel like one of the benefits of being on a tv show is that you should be let off, not be given a ticket.

"The prince doesn’t always get his way." (x)

" I’m sorry. “
  • " I’m sorry.